"Love is a Choice, Not a Feeling!"
"Your Spouse is NOT a Mind Reader. Teach Them How to Love You...
Tell them How you Feel and What you Need!"

Mission Statement

The Marriage Boost was founded and is hosted by Bill & Faith Kugler, their Marriage has stood the sands of time all thanks to God and the resources He has shown them throughout the years. The teachers that have inspired and held the bands of Holy matrimony, truly inspired works, that if their faith hadn't been tested wouldn't of been needed. We live in a world today where divorce is rampant and selfishness/hatred/disgust defiles a sacred sacrament God has deemed we engage in as Man and Woman.

The Marriage Boost conference is a spiritual journey that unites Man, Woman, & God all while surrounded by your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, using resources that have worked for Bill & Faith Kugler & many, many other couples!

Upcoming Events:



We will be resuming our Marriage Boost get-togethers at a new event soon!

Since COVID we have been doing online or private coaching. Feel free to text or message us! We are planning a blog on the website soon! We're planning mini date nights and game nights, thank you for your patience and prayers!
God Bless all of you!
Please stay tuned for more information!


Future Seminars to be Announced

No charge is required 
Childcare is provided
We ask you bring your favorite finger food for an evening of fun & fellowship

Bill & Faith Kugler are the founders and hosts of

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